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Friday, 15 July 2011

On Making a Rocking Horse by Peter P. Oppenheim

When my daughter gave birth to our fourth grand-child  I decided it was about time to make a rocking horse.  I started in the usual way by asking Google for help.  As a result I discovered that there were several suppliers of rocking horse plans and supplies in Australia.  I was however particularly attracted to one retailer in the United Kingdom “The Rocking Horse Shop” in York, England.  This retailer was not only able to supply plans for traditionally carved rocking horses but also plans for laminated rocking horses.  A laminated rocking horse is constructed by cutting a series of plywood cross-sections of a rocking horse from the plans provided and then gluing them together to produce a rough approximation of a horse.  This form is then shaped by carving and sanding to produce the rocking horse, which is  then finished by adding a variety of accessories including a mane and a tail, a bridle and a saddle as well as  glass eyes etc.
I found the entire process of purchasing not only the plans but also a set of accessories and a DVD which describes the construction of a laminated rocking horse, extremely straightforward. I was particularly impressed with the personalised service that I received from the Rocking Horse Shop. After placing my order on their website  I received a telephone call from the manager who wanted to clarify an aspect of my order, five days later the order was delivered to my doorstep.
The horse that I have decided to make – a medium sized rocking horse – will require one sheet of 18mm plywood. I am off to Allboards in Bayswater to purchase this sheet tomorrow.....then like the man with a wheelbarrow, I have got the job in front of me.

Peter P. Oppenheim
July 2011
Peter promises he will send us a picture when his horse is finished.

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