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Friday, 19 August 2011

New DVD - Making Rocking Horses 2

Our new DVD has been released.

The new film covers all stages of making our laminated plywood horse designs for the very popular ‘Little Rocky’ chair horse for toddlers, and the Medium Sized ‘Rocky’, (as well as the new ‘Large Rocky’). The laminated form of construction is simpler to assemble and carve than traditional horses, much cheaper, very strong, and of course can be painted if you don’t care for  the remarkable swirling pattern of the laminations.
The film runs 66 minutes, plus 17 minutes of additional material with extra features including  How to sharpen carving gouges, and the story of the World’s oldest rocking horse.

Barry King from  Southport was one of the first to receive a copy of the new DVD. He says,
‘it’s really superb. You have all taken the trouble not only to show “how” but also many details and wrinkles that give confidence to tackle a new project. Your enthusiasm and obvious pleasure in creating such a joyous item is infectious. I can’t wait to complete “Boadicea” as she will be known.’

If you would like to buy the new DVD, please click here

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