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Friday, 30 September 2011


to Bigger Bertie's first outing to London (WorldSkills, ExCeL centre).

I have been carving the legs and fitting the eyes (the replacement for the broken one has arrived, fortunately, saving Bigger Bertie from having to travel with an eye patch on, so he's looking good); Karl is fitting the platform for the rockers; Shirley's painting; Jane's tweeting; Sam's working on the massive body.

Bigger Bertie's body is essentially a box, and seeing a horse's body that big has lead to some suggestions that therein might lie an answer to the Greek debt problem. I doubt it's that big.

We've been blessed with glorious weather this week and it's been a pleasure to work on Bigger Bertie outside. We couldn't have done it inside anyway - we'd never have got him out of the building. Since our marquee (ie the outside workshop) blew away in the hurricane, several people have asked what we'd do if the weather turned nasty again. The answer is we'd be  .....ed!

The sun is forecast to shine again today, so I'm getting all excited in anticipation of Bigger Bertie's erection.

More tomorrow, when Bigger Bertie will really be ROCKING!

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