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Saturday, 24 September 2011


to Bigger Bertie's first public outing, to the ExCeL centre, London, and WorldSkills.

The name 'Bigger Bertie', is a comment on the fact that he (has to be a 'he', can't be an 'it', and 'she' seems inappropriate for a beast do huge) is bigger than any rocking horse we (or anyone else in their right minds, probably) have ever made before.

But the name 'Bigger Bertie' is also an 'omage to local artist made good, David 'Ockney. Mr Hockney, as you may know, has in recent years been painting lots of trees, including 'Bigger Trees', a monster painting of a grove of trees only a few miles away from The Rocking Horse Shop's workshop, here on the edge of the beautiful Wolds in East Yorkshire.

I (Anthony Dew, Bigger Bertie's maker) have never met Mr Hockney personally, but I love trees too, and I'm told (by an acquaintance) that he is a curmudgeonly old bugger (I use that word in its loosest sense) who doesn't take kindly to drivers who slow down as they pass him on the roadside at his easel and call out, 'Ere, ain't you that famous David 'Ockney artist? Give us yer autograph'. They get the thick end of his tongue (that's an old, figurative, Yorkshire expression).

Good on him. I'm a curmudgeonly old bastard (in the loosest sense) myself, and when I'm on a roll, like now, making Bigger Bertie, I don't take too kindly to interruptions either, so I'm off back to the workshop.

Remember, Bigger Bertie ROCKS!

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