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Wednesday, 28 September 2011


the countdown continues to Bigger Bertie's first outing to London...

We now, at last, have the huge rockers assembled. Sam, Karl, me and Ewen (my regular helper who is studying landscape and garden design and who has just won, top prize, at his part of the WorldSkills competition, the prizegiving next week at the EcCeL centre) all lend muscle (and many good suggestions too).

We heave the two eight and a half metre long rockers upright and hang them on two scaffolding towers, then connect the four cross pieces, each of which is a two man job to lift, by gluing and bolting them in place, then the two turned end pieces. 'It's easy, just like a big Ikea kit', Karl says. I'm wondering if it will work.

Then we lower it to the ground and, lo and behold, it rocks. It's brilliant, like a massive see-saw, and MD Jane rushes out to have ago. 'This is great!' she cries, 'Hey, not so fast, you're scaring me.'

So. Bigger Bertie has rockers - he will ROCK!

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