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Tuesday, 27 September 2011


to Bigger Bertie's first outing and (you might think this is a bit late in the day) I am now starting to believe he will come together OK.

Today young Karl (who's real passion is chain-saw carving but we're trying to show him a bit of real woodwork) has been making the slatted platform to go on the base of the rockers. Rocking-horse carver extraordinaire Sam Glass has been making and gluing on components for the body (the main assembly of which is tomorrow afternoon) while I have been doing the final sanding of the rockers (which we are going to assemble tomorrow morning) and (with the help of my lovely wife Shirley) stencilling our website on the sides.

Also, Jane entertained a crowd of visiting Yorkshire businessfolk to a crack of dawn 'working' breakfast that went on until morning coffee (luckily there were enough croissants left over for everyone to have a taste or several) and we smiled as another press photographer come for a sneak preview of Bigger Bertie.

How could anyone fail to feel positive with such a lot of constructive effort going on, and on such a fine sunny day? I touch wood (an occupational constant for a wooden toymaker) and Shirley prays that the rest of the project goes so well.

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