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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


BIGGER BERTIE'S BLOG - 14 days to go- & counting - to Bigger Bertie's first outing.

Today we start to assemble Bigger Bertie's body, and turn over his huge rockers (a 3, no 4 man job!) to cut the joints on the other side.
So, I said I'd tell you how Bigger Bertie came about ...

About 2 years ago a lady ordered a rocking horse from us at The Rocking Horse Shop. Nothing unusual about that - we've been designing and making the most beautiful rocking horses for over 35 years - but what was unusual was that the lady in question was (and is) a conceptual artist who was intending to create an Art (with a big A) performance or happening in, on or around the rocking horse. She wanted her rocking horse to be very big, so we used Bertie as our model.
Now Bertie is a real life horse who lives here in the yard. He is a beautiful animal, a deep bay colour, very gentle, and Adeline & her Mum Ruth who ride him, absolutely dote on him. We love him too. At 17 hands high Bertie is big, but our new wooden rocking-horse needed to 'go large', so he - we nick-named him 'Big Bertie', wound up a bit over 5 metres long (in practical terms that was the length of 2 sheets of plywood). He dwarfed poor old Bertie, who didn't quite know what to make of Big Bertie.
 Big Bertie was great success but when he had been bought, paid for, delivered and was gone, we all felt rather sad. Maybe, we said, just for fun, we should make another huge rocking horse, an even  bigger one this time, which will be the biggest hand carved rocking horse in the world. And this time we'll keep him. Hence Bigger Bertie.

And you know something? BIGGER BERTIE will really ROCK!
More manana.

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