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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Rocking Horse Shops Biggest Hand Carved Rocking Horse 'Bigger Bertie' at Worldskills London 2011

The Rocking Horse Shop at Worldskills London 2011, giving people the opportunity to have a go at carving the worlds largest hand carved Rocking Horse. See some fantastic pictures.


after the WorldSkills show in London last week.

A lot of heads turned as we bowled along the motorway to and from London, and at the show Bigger Bertie got his photo taken a zillion times - an experience fit to swell the head of even the biggest hand-carved rocking horse in the world!

It was a fantastic show and large numbers of people got to have a go at carving Bigger Bertie's tail - and he brought a smile to the faces of everyone who passed.

Now, glad to be back in his home yard in Yorkshire, he needs to have the remaining parts of his body carved and finished, and his tail fitted. But before that he needs a rest, and is in fact going into hibernation for the winter, sheeted up against the cold. Christmas is coming and there's work to be done for Santa Claus.

We'll be writing up the story of all the adventures on Bigger Bertie's first outing, and post any more news that crops up about Bigger Bertie - and if you've got any pics you'ld like to share, do let us know. Bigger Bertie will soon be rocking again, in the spring.

love, BB

Monday, 3 October 2011


to Bigger Bertie's first outing. Well, no days really, since all tomorrow (Tuesday) we'll be travelling toward London. Watch out for a monster horse rolling south down the M1.

Is Bigger Bertie finished? Well no. There are two reasons for this (apart from the hurricane that blew away our outside workshop).

First, at the show we are going to - WorldSkills at the ExCeL centre, London - we are in the Have-A-Go section, so we thought you might like something to do. So come along and help us carve some bits for Bertie, especially his tail.

Second, we ran out of wood.

Whatever, it's safe to say, Bigger Bertie Rocks.

Sunday, 2 October 2011


to the WorldSkills show (starts Wednesday) and Bigger Bertie's first outing (we'll be setting off from here around seven on Tuesday morning).

I (Anthony Dew, maker) have now, as well as the head, neck, hooves and most of one leg, carved one shoulder. The rest of the body and legs are yet to be finished. There are two reasons for the incomplete nature of Bigger Bertie as he stands now.

First, our part of the WorldSkills show is in the 'Have-A-Go' section at the ExCeL centre, so we've got the tail and some body parts ready for the public (ie you, interested?) to come in and have a go at a bit of real woodcarving. Then we'll return to our Yorkshire workshop to finish the carving at our leisure (this is leisure?).

Second, we've run out of wood.

My apologies for the lack of pics these last few days - I hope to get some of the latest impressions attached to this post today.

Bigger Bertie eh). He's a monster and he ROCKS!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pictures of Rocking Horse Bigger Bertie

Just a few pictures from yesterdays busy day at The Rocking Horse Shop.
Bigger Berties really rocks......

Fantastic job Tony, it was worth all the sweat, blood and Janes tears!!!


to Bigger Bertie's first outing.

So how do you assemble the head, body and four legs of a wooden rocking horse that weighs, at a guess, upwards of half a ton, and put it up on its rockers?

Answer: you call in the help of the inestimable Mark Whiting and his son Tom, local builders extraordinary and strong willing men capable of solving any practical problem of even the most unusual kind.

They, together with their big fork lift truck and the help of the previously mentioned Ewen (and Graham), got Bigger Bertie's legs and hoof rails glued and bolted on, put him upright, lifted him onto his enormous rockers, and put his head on. All in great style and with huge humour.

He now stands peering in through my wife Shirley and my bedroom window, and we've cracked open a bottle or two of the good wine to celebrate.

Yes, it's true folks, Bigger Bertie ROCKS!