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Sunday, 2 October 2011


to the WorldSkills show (starts Wednesday) and Bigger Bertie's first outing (we'll be setting off from here around seven on Tuesday morning).

I (Anthony Dew, maker) have now, as well as the head, neck, hooves and most of one leg, carved one shoulder. The rest of the body and legs are yet to be finished. There are two reasons for the incomplete nature of Bigger Bertie as he stands now.

First, our part of the WorldSkills show is in the 'Have-A-Go' section at the ExCeL centre, so we've got the tail and some body parts ready for the public (ie you, interested?) to come in and have a go at a bit of real woodcarving. Then we'll return to our Yorkshire workshop to finish the carving at our leisure (this is leisure?).

Second, we've run out of wood.

My apologies for the lack of pics these last few days - I hope to get some of the latest impressions attached to this post today.

Bigger Bertie eh). He's a monster and he ROCKS!

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