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Saturday, 1 October 2011


to Bigger Bertie's first outing.

So how do you assemble the head, body and four legs of a wooden rocking horse that weighs, at a guess, upwards of half a ton, and put it up on its rockers?

Answer: you call in the help of the inestimable Mark Whiting and his son Tom, local builders extraordinary and strong willing men capable of solving any practical problem of even the most unusual kind.

They, together with their big fork lift truck and the help of the previously mentioned Ewen (and Graham), got Bigger Bertie's legs and hoof rails glued and bolted on, put him upright, lifted him onto his enormous rockers, and put his head on. All in great style and with huge humour.

He now stands peering in through my wife Shirley and my bedroom window, and we've cracked open a bottle or two of the good wine to celebrate.

Yes, it's true folks, Bigger Bertie ROCKS!

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