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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Carving My First Rocking Horse by Ray Jury

Carving My First Rocking Horse
Carved Rocking Horse Head

March 2009 saw my introduction into rocking horse making.  Having done very little carving before, the carving course with Anthony Dew was to be the test run to see whether this was something that I would enjoy and be successful at.  Over the 3 days I learnt a lot and decided not to stop at a carved horse’s head. 

Ray carving his Rocking Horse

I have now completed my first rocking horse and I am proud of the result.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the time spent carving, refining and painting it.
Many people have enjoyed the journey with me as they have seen the basic blocks of wood transformed into carved sweeping curves and fine equine lines.

Completed Large Rocking Horse

The whole experience of making my first rocking horse has been a journey of discovery and a wonderful experience for me. I can now sit back and share in my grandchildren’s enjoyment as they ride the large dapple grey in the photographs.

Ray with his grandchildren enjoying their Rocking Horse

I have now embarked upon rocking horse number two, having learnt so much from making my first horse.

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