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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Carve A Rocking Horse Head Course April 2012

Just had a great 3 days with 4 students who joined us to carve their Rocking Horse head.  Three of the students where new to carving and as you can see they have all made a very good job and are now looking forward to getting started on the rest of the horse.

The students carve their heads in our purpose built studios at The Rocking Horse Shop .

These courses are aimed at those wishing to make a traditional carved Rocking Horse. Renowned expert Anthony Dew will show you the traditional approach to Rocking Horse carving using hand tools. Previous carving experience in not necessary  all skill levels are accommodated, and each student will successfully complete the carving of a Rocking Horses head during the Course!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Live Chat Button

We have just launched Live Chat.  This means, if you are on our website between 9am and 5pm and you have a question about our products, you can click on the Live Chat button at the top right hand side of our website and we will be able to answer your questions online.

Give it a go, we are waiting to answer your questions.

Friday, 20 April 2012

F H Ayres Rocking Horse Restoration at the Rocking Horse Shop

F H Ayres Rocking Horse ready for restoration.

F H Ayres Rocking Horse without a jaw, chin and only stumps for ears.
This F H Aryes Rocking Horse arrived with us 3 months ago, in a very sad state and it's owners wanted to see him put back to his original beauty.
Gerry stripped the horse down to the wood, Sam attached and hand carved a new jaw and chin and two new ears, added numerous coats of gesso and painted him.  Julie made and attached all the new tack including the lovely prommels which he would have originally had but had long been lost.  Gerry removed all the green paint of the stand and Sam stained and varnished it.
He is now complete and ready for delivery back to his owners ready for many more years of rocking.
F H Ayres Rocking Horse all ready to ride again.

Beautiful Saddle and bridle with pommels.

F h Ayres Rocking Horse with new hand carved jaw, chin and ears.