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Friday, 17 August 2012

'Bigger Bertie' will be unveiled at this years Fangfest 2012

'Bigger Bertie' will be unveiled at this years Fangfest 2012

Dawn from The Rocking Horse Shop Riding Bigger Bertie,
holding one of the Official Olympic Torches!
Go Yorkshire!

The worlds largest hand carved, working Rocking Horse will be on display for the first time at this years Fangfest Festival of Practical Arts on 1st & 2nd Sept.

The craftsmen at East Yorkshire firm The Rocking Horse Shop have been working hard to get the huge Rocking Horse finished for Fangfest on 1st & 2nd Sept. The horse was started last October when The Rocking Horse Shop was selected to inspire an international audience to ‘Have a Go’ at a new skill at WorldSkills, London 2011. They provided a ‘hands on’ opportunity for young people, at the world’s greatest skills competition, to try out a new skill, Rocking Horse Carving.

Tony Dew, Director and designer of the huge rocking horse said “I have been involved with rocking horses for over 35 years , but this, at 8.6 metres long by 4.65 metres high by 1.7 metres wide (28'3” long x 15' 3” high x 5'8” wide) is the biggest we’ve undertaken. It is considerably larger than life size and as far as we know is the largest hand carved, working rocking horse in the world. “

We are very excited to unveil Bigger Bertie at Fangfest for everyone to see. This is our 14th annual Fangfest and we started the event to promote British Craftsmanship and this year with the Olympics and our athletes pushing themselves to achieve so much, we thought it was a great opportunity for us to push our skills and make something extra special.” says Jane Cook, Managing Director .

Local business man Sean Smith from Detectamet Ltd, who bought an Olympic torch in a charity auction said “ This years Olympics has really shown what is good about Britain and when you see this fantastic Rocking Horse and the wonderful Rocking Horses The Rocking Horse Shop make you will see that Britain not only produces fantastic athletes we still have traditional craftsmen working hard to produce wonderful British products. “

The Rocking Horse Shop will have the Olympic Torch on display at Fangfest and visitors will be able to have their photo taken holding the torch.

The horse and rockers are constructed from laminated marine plywood with a varnished finish and the horse has been entirely hand carved and finished at The Rocking Horse Shop.

Many of the horse’s features have been ‘borrowed’ from Bertie, a real live horse who lives at The Rocking Horse Shop, and consequently it is affectionately referred to as ‘Bigger Bertie’.”