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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

February Carve A Rocking Horse Head Course

Carve A Rocking Horse Head Course

Carvers with their finished heads
We had an excellent three days last week with our students carving their Rocking Horse heads.

These courses are aimed at those wishing to make a traditional carved Rocking Horse. Renowned expert Anthony Dew will show you the traditional approach to Rocking Horse carving using hand tools. Previous carving experience in not necessary all skill levels are accommodated, and each student will successfully complete the carving of a Rocking Horses head during the Course!

The course fee includes:-

  • Three days individual tuition with master carver Anthony Dew
  • Use of workshop equipment and all carving tools (but you are very welcome to bring your own)
  • Lunch, usually cold meats and salads, as well as refreshments
  • Head & Neck Timber for Medium Size Horse, prepared ready for you to commence carving. (Several alternative medium size heads will be offered. You may upgrade to Large at an additional cost of £15.)

    Carve-a-Head courses run 10am till 4pm on the first two days, 10am to 3pm on the final day (but we will start earlier and run later if need be!), with a maximum of 6 students on each course.

    These Carve-a-Head course take place in our purpose built carving studio. We shall look at many aspects of traditional Rocking Horse making including carving techniques, gouge grinding/sharpening, the use of hand carving tools (incl. power carvers) and different makers approaches etc.

    Course Fee: 3 day Carve-a-Head Course - £300 per person  (Price includes VAT)
If you would like to book on one of our courses please click here or give us a call on +44 (0)1759 368737

Friday, 8 February 2013

Restoration of a Hand Powered Carousel Roundabout

Restoration of a Hand Powered Carousel Roundabout

Just before Christmas we where asked if we would like to be part of a project to restore a hand powered carousel roundabout.  We have restored the odd carousel horse before but never a full set of Gallopers, as you can imagine we where delighted to be part of the restoration.  Our job, obviously, is to restore the Gallopers back to as near as original as possible.

This is the first of the six horses and is the one which has had the most changes to it over the years, the saddle at the back has been taken off and the mechanism in the middle of the horse (for attaching to the roundabout) has been removed, in fact we think it may even have been attached to a base, maybe made into a rocking horse for kids at some point.

Gerry has now removed the old paint, although once all the gloss paint and gesso was taken off the front left leg needed to be removed and will now have to be repaired.

Sam has now added some pieces of wood in the joints and is carving them into place.  He will also be adding a saddle hump, then the horse will need gessoing.

I hope we will be able to find out some history about this roundabout and will keep updating our blog.