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Monday, 15 April 2013

Guild of Rocking Horse Makers Open Day at The Rocking Horse Shop

Guild of Rocking Horse Makers Open Day at The Rocking Horse Shop

We had a wonderful day on Saturday 13th April, when some of our Rocking Horse Guild members joined us for the afternoon, while they where here they got to wonder round our workshops and get to know other guild members and staff at The Rocking Horse Shop.  We served a buffet lunch  and once we had eaten The Rocking Horse Shop staff went to their workstations to enable everyone to see what they do and ask questions.  

Metalwork Shop

Gerry who makes all our metal work, swing irons, bits, bearing strip etc and also prepares our restoration horses for Sam was working on a carousel horse, which is part of a wonderful old hand turned roundabout, which we have been asked to restore.  He also had on display other horses we are restoring. 

Gerry also engraves all our plaques and is here demonstrating how the machine works.

Leather workshop

Julie and Barbara prepare all the leatherwork and hair and Julie was demonstrating the tacking up of a 
J & G Lines Rocking Horse circa 1910.  

Barbara was showing  how she makes the saddles and bridles.

Wood workshop

Sam carves all our Rocking Horses and has done so for many years, he has a wealth of knowledge and was demonstrate carving, gessoing and painting.  

Karl our young apprentice was carving one of our medium laminated Rocking Horses and a traditional carved head.


To end the day we had some delicious cakes made by Amelia Cook.


It really was a special day, all the better for the sun coming out and shining on us, thanks to all our members for making it such a great day.

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