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Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Fantastic Weekend at Fangfest Festival 2013

Fangfest 2013

The Rocking Horse Yard was awash with visitors this weekend as we had a record number of visitors at our Fangfest Festival of Practical Arts.

We had a wonderful display of classic cars.

Karl Barker who works at The Rocking Horse Shop is also a fantastic chainsaw carver and demonstrated all weekend

A great opportunity for people to have a go at Archery

York School of Jewellery demonstrated silversmithing and let lots of visitors have a go.

The Rocking Horse Museum looked fantastic this year and also have some 
wonderful sculptures by Harold Gosney.

The kids had a great time on the funfair rides.

Simon Pocklington brought a selection of his classic tractors

The marquee was full of people selling all the wonderful items they had made.

The church flower display this year was 'book titles' and the ladies of the 
village and surrounding areas did an amazing job.

Michael Cooper demonstrated stone carving.

Peter Berry who runs one of our carving courses also demonstrated carving with an electric hand carver.

Sue Harker demonstrated wood turning and brought a selection of her work for sale.

The kids enjoyed riding the Rocking Horses in the yard.

Sam Glass demonstrated Rocking Horse Carving, gessoing and painting.

We all had a fantastic weekend, with lots to see and do, for more photos of the weekend please go to our Fangfest facebook page or our Rocking Horse Shop facebook page

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