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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Medium Rocky Rocking horse made by Jim Stables

Medium Rocky Rocking horse made by Jim Stables

We have just had a wonderful email from Jim Stables who recently made a rocking horse for his great granddaughter.

Hi Guys,

Thought you might like a peek at the latest creation from The Rocking Horse Stables. This was built for our great granddaughter, Hollie on the occasion of her third birthday.  She had outgrown the wee chair rocker which I had built for her first birthday (see photo).

It is a conventional 'Rocky' constructed in accordance with your excellent drawings and instructions.  However, on this one I've attempted to introduce a bit more detail around the nostrils, mouth and ears with a set of natty horse shoes carved into the hooves.

It was very well received by the proud, new owner.  There is a Time Capsule concealed within the structure and the horse is to be called 'Epona' which I'm reliably informed is the name of a mythical pony in The Legend of Zelda, a PS4 computer game
Thank you again for all your help with this.

KIndest regards,


PS  Just taken delivery of a timber pack for my next project. Thank you. 

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